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Different Cable Glands Available for Brass Cable Connector

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Cable gland is a device intended to allow entry of cable into electrical appliance that offer sealing, retention, earthing, insulation, grounding, bonding, or combination of all these things. It is one of such brass cable connectors available at manufacturing store, used to maintain overall integrity of enclosure into which user needs to fit it. Sorts of cable glands available in the market are- brass indoor type gland, brass straitening unarmored cable gland, brass outdoor type gland, industrial type gland, brass weather proof gland, etc. 
Brass Indoor Gland
This type of cable connector is handy in use with several types of cables whether rubberized, plastic, metal, or any other. Brass indoor gland is ideal for single wire armored, plastic, or rubberized cable.
Brass Outdoor Gland
These cable glands come in stunning premium quality material that is used for indoor and outdoor applications with several types of sheathed or unsheathed cables. It is used with single wire armored and supply with integral earth facilities. These glands are ideal for SWA, elastomeric sheathed cables. There are no loose parts in this gland and is easy to install. You can install and use it in dry indoor conditions and save time and money. 
Brass Straightening Unarmored Cable Gland
These nickel-plated or natural brass cable glands are used with rubber sheathed or unarmored cables. These are well suited for all types of plastic, unarmored cables, or rubber sheathed cables. Accessories required for this gland- earth tag, PVC washer, brass lock nut, neo prime rubber and LSF rubber, etc. 
Brass Weather Proof Cable Gland Connector
Unlike other above cable gland connectors, this brass weatherproof cable gland is precisely used with single armored swa cables regardless of the sheathing done with plastic or rubber. The design of this type of cable gland has separate armor lock rings and it can be supplied with integral earth facility.
All these varieties of brass cable glands are such connectors used by different industries for several applications. You can get brass cable connectors range from premium suppliers that deliver their products across the world. Do the search online and find reliable names of such suppliers and manufacturers. Some of them are also running e-stores from where you can place your order for cable connectors and get the delivery at home.
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